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Business Succession Planning Attorney in
Middlesex County New Jersey

An important aspect of planning for your business’ future is to have a seamless succession plan in place. In fact, your succession plan can be every bit as important in determining how much you ultimately earn from your business as your original business plan. In addition, without an effective business succession plan, disputes over ownership and control could leave your company vulnerable to unnecessary financial upheaval after your retirement or death. Successful business succession planning can help you avoid these difficulties, by guaranteeing that your company stays in the hands of people you trust.

At Shah and Associates, we offer comprehensive business succession planning that incorporates a full range of services, including strategies for addressing personal estate planning, taxation, and retirement. Whether you intend for your company to stay in the family, go to a business partner, or be sold, we can help you ensure a smooth transition. We will work with you to create a plan customized to fit your business and your goals.

To get started on ensuring your company’s long-term well being, we invite you to contact our office to schedule an initial consultation. We will guide you through the process of creating a successful business succession plan, as well as discuss our fees and services. Let us help keep your company vital and prosperous now and in the future.

Contact us to learn how we can assist you with:

  • Buy-Sell Agreement Preparation for your Corporation, LLC or Partnership
  • Protecting the business and owners from effects of a partner exiting the business due to death, disability, divorce, retirement or any other reason – voluntary or involuntary
  • Strategies to keep the family business in the family
  • Joint family Investment Planning for hoteliers and other real estate investments
  • Exit strategies
  • Business formation and restructuring

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