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Business Succession Planning: Challenges of Selling the Family Business

December 8, 2015

Filed under: Business Planning,Business Succession Planning — Neel Shah @ 9:15 am

Selling a family business, whether it’s due to lack of succession options, estate issues or the need for liquidity can cause problems as a result of sudden liquid wealth.

Passing on the family business also carries with it needs worthy of great consideration and counsel from trusted advisors. Whether to travel, work or pursue hobbies or philanthropy, the business structure within the family operated will be gone if the business is passed on to someone else and this can be an emotional struggle.shutterstock_321333917

Planning for all life elements should be pursued as an integrated process with defined goals. Investment has to move from the business into diversified streams with clear communication with all family members as far as the consequences of the sale. An individual thinking about passing on the family business should also be aware of lifestyle creep which means increasing spending just because the funds are available to do so.

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